AfyaPoa is an innovative, value added, micro health insurance cover, it is designed to meet the needs of Kenya’s low income earners mainly in the informal sector. It is underwritten by Sanlam and Prudential Insurance companies.

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Jilinde is a comprehensive policy for hard working Kenyans who cares for his family’s wellbeing. It provides compensation in the event of injuries, disability or death caused as a result of an accident, taking away the associated financial losses & stress.

Benefit What it covers Limit of cover (Ksh)
Accidental Death Jilinde will pay a cash compensation to your named beneficiary if you suffer a fatal accident 100,000/=
Permanent disability Jilinde will pay a cash compensation to you In case you suffer an accident that leads to permanent disability 100,000/=
Temporary disability Jilinde will pay you a weekly allowance to replace your lost income in case of temporary disability as a result of an accident. 5,000/= per week for up to 52 weeks
Medical expenses Jilinde will pay for your medical expenses in case you are admitted in hospital after an accident. 100,000/-
Funeral Jilinde will pay in case of a fatal accident, a final benefit to help your loved ones organize for the funeral. 30,000/-

Accidents, by nature, happen unexpectedly. And when they do, it’s wise to have a solid accident insurance plan in place, MAKE A WISE DECISION


Super Boda

Super Boda cover is an innovative bundled product that seeks to provide all-round protection to the Bodaboa Rider and his Family.

Benefit What it covers Limit of cover (Ksh)
First responder Services. emergency response solution that enables riders to access quick, affordable and quality first aid at the point of an accident. Unlimited
Out-Patient Cover cost of treatment including consultation, basic tests and medication for the whole family. Ksh. 30,000.00
In-Patient (M+3) Covers cost of treatment on admission including bed charges, doctor’s fees, tests, surgery costs and medication.
Cover extends to cover Maternity as well.
Personal Accident Gives cash compensation in case of death or injury as a result of an accident Death – Ksh. 100,000.00/=
Permanent disability –Ksh. 100,000/=
Temporary disability –Ksh. 5,000/= per week
MotorBike-Comprehensive Cover against accidental damage to the bike, theft and third party liability Upto the Value of your motorbike

The premium:

  • Annual Premium is Ksh. 27,950/=

  • One can however opt for a premium financing loan through his SACCO/Welfare Association where he/she will be required to pay Ksh. 3,000/- upfront and the remainder in weekly instalment s of Ksh.500/= for a year.
  • Payments will be done directly to the Boda riders SACCO/Welfare group

  • Requirement for Cover

  • One must be part of a registered Bodaboda SACCO or Welfare group.
  • A valid driving license
  • A clear copy of the motor bike logbook
  • A clear copy of the owners/riders national ID & KRA PIN
  • Two passport photos

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